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AOL-Files courtesy of wiki.nina.chat- https://wiki.nina.chat/wiki/Portal:AOL-Files


I promised a note on the show notes regarding nina.chat. We still don’t know who Tony Showoff is. It appears that nina.chat now owns aol-files.com and has posted a lot of content from the original site. Tony is clearly a fan! Hopefully we will learn more with time



Tau’s first program for AOL – 1998. source


Tau’s second program for AOL. source

Tau’s Shoutouts

  • BMB
  • Rob
  • Artem
  • Tom
  • Fafalone
  • Hypah
  • The Knight
  • Cam0 // Cameron LaCroix
    • “is an American computer hacker best known for the hacking of Paris Hilton’s cellular phone, accessing LexisNexis”
  • Viowatch
  • O0O
  • Blare
  • Ranma
  • Adrian Lamo – RIP, died 2018. 
    • He had a site Inside-AOL.com
    • Reached out a few years prior about creating an archive of AOL hacking stuff