Da Chronic

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  • AOHell on Wikipedia – link

Screenshots of AOHell

AOHell’s loading artwork
AOHell Program Folder and Accompanying Programs
Credit Wizard 1.1, Included with AOHell

Knock off Programs

These programs were inspired by AOHell

AOHell in the news

  • AOHell was mentioned in a front page article in 1996 (the stories continues on a later page where AOHell is mentioned) – link
  • Boston Globe Article from 04-21-1995, by Simson L. Garfinkel – link
  • Wired Article from 07-01-1995 – link

Takedowns related to pedos on AOL:

In 1997, Special subcommittee hearing on the proliferation of child pornography  – https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/CHRG-105shrg44512/pdf/CHRG-105shrg44512.pdf

Carnivore is the FBI full packet sniffing software that was mentioned during the episode.