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FYI the podcast@ (name of this site) email address wasn’t properly receiving email for the last half of 2022 and part of 2023. If you emailed me and did not receive a response please send your email again!

AOL Underground SubReddit

AOL ProGGies Facebook Group

Link to the AOL ProGGies Facebook Group –

ReAOL Discord

AOL 3.0 is back! –

Looking for some old AOLers?

If you are trying to get in contact with someone you use to know on AOL please add a comment to this page. Any comment that is not spam I will post.

Help me locate!

Please contact me: podcast@ [name of this website]

I am trying to get in touch with:

  1. Individuals on the AOL Security Operations team from the 90s/2000s (to interview them for this podcast).
  2. Happy Hardcore – Nick Ryan –
  3. MaGuS from Fate X (Yong Ho)
  4. Digital (Creator of Digital Dynasty Final) –
  5. Jay Satiro –

Former AOL Staff I’d like an introduction to speak with:

William Salusky – Threat Intel at AOL (Helped build the Computer Emergency Response Team)

People in the list below:

ShiZZa and #DWK

When I used AOL in the 90s and early 2000’s I went by the handle Stoney (AIM screen name was “hey stoney”).

I was in the group “ShiZZa” as username “ShiZZa PrG”. I later moved to efnet and hung out in the channel #dwk.

People I am looking for (please add a comment on this page):

244, 5150, amber, archalien, aryl, bbb, bee, blitz, bought, chillz, conan, d7, dev, dozr, faceless, fonz, fooshiznix, forrest, foxx, gochita, howie, ink, lakers, layla, logg, menace, michelle, mocha, muncher, napalm, nigz, omm, oo7, orc, pewp, pilot, remus, rvx, sam, shaman, sherm, shiver, sine, smunky, skan, slink, sub, supachink, t0ad, tasha, tones, traced, viper aka viperoni, wruth, x-tommy, xeno

Missing ProGGies

  1. Guide Punt by Stoney – A program I made, I’d really like to find this. I believe it was guide.exe.
  2. Magenta by ReDxKinG – Recently an old version was found, however we are still looking for the latest version.
    Version 2.0 –
  3. Reset 1.0 by skribe (TOSers/termer/account reseter)
  4. 1-888’d by skribe (TOSers/termer/account reseter)
  5. Add a comment of any other missing programs and I will add it here.

11 comments on “Community

  1. Joe Leader says:

    I’m thinking that the ShiZZa Room Generator is missing from the proggies. I believe there were two versions. I remember mine stopped working and led me to an empty room one day but digging around found me an updated version that took me to a full warez room. Thanks for doing this BTW, LOVE the podcast.

    1. I appreciate it! Do you have a copy of the room generator?

      1. warped says:

        I remember you stoney, and every name on the list from #DwK. My name was warped, I was in ShiZZa for a while, mostly as a uploader and mass mailer, and I had a botnet that held both channels for a long time. Brings back a lot of memories. No idea how to get in contact with any of the people on your list anymore unfortunately.

        1. Great to hear from you Warped! I remember you too! If you feel like chatting you can see how to contact me in the show notes for a recent AOL Underground episode!

    2. Single says:

      Feels good to hear cam0s voice again. Fellow nv2 alumni. I miss you all.

  2. keith aka SiNn says:

    holy shit I forgot about menace!!! I’d love to hear from that kid too!! and Myke and Seek. I kept up with them for awhile. Dude I can’t even believe that prog list jesus christ that takes me WAY BACK. I don’t think I’ve smiled this big since back then honestly. I saw two of mine on there… I know there’s more but I straight up can’t remember the names. I made megatron c comz and gundam password cracker. – keith aka sinn

  3. fizdog says:

    hope everything is ok with ya. last i remember in the reaol(now P3OL) discord you said you werent gonna do this for awhile. so just checking in..

    1. Thanks for checking in, I actually am going to be recording another episode hopefully next week!

  4. Spin says:

    Just found this podcast and site, loving it! I sometimes think about all of the hours and hours I spent in the AOL scene in the late 90s. My handle was Spin and I did graphic art, wrote articles, and defaced keywords

  5. VBMATRiX says:

    Is there an AOL Underground Discord? The link above for a discord seems broken.

    1. I fixed the discord link. The hyperlink description was correct, but the underlying hyperlink was incorrect. There is it a re-aol discord, there is the “re-aol” discord, which has been renamed P3OL.

      Here is the link:

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