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FYI the podcast@ (name of this site) email address wasn’t properly receiving email for the last half of 2022 and part of 2023. If you emailed me and did not receive a response please send your email again!

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AOL ProGGies Facebook Group

Link to the AOL ProGGies Facebook Group –


AOL 4.0 is back and running! –

P30L (ReAOL) Discord

p30l had AOL 3.0 working for a little while. Servers are down right now.-

Looking for some old AOLers?

If you are trying to get in contact with someone you use to know on AOL please add a comment to this page. Any comment that is not spam I will post.

Help me locate!

Please contact me: podcast@ [name of this website]

I am trying to get in touch with:

  1. Individuals on the AOL Security Operations team from the 90s/2000s (to interview them for this podcast).
  2. Happy Hardcore – Nick Ryan –
  3. MaGuS from Fate X (Yong Ho)
  4. Digital (Creator of Digital Dynasty Final) –
  5. Jay Satiro –

Former AOL Staff I’d like an introduction to speak with:

William Salusky – Threat Intel at AOL (Helped build the Computer Emergency Response Team)

People in the list below:

ShiZZa and #DWK

When I used AOL in the 90s and early 2000’s I went by the handle Stoney (AIM screen name was “hey stoney”).

I was in the group “ShiZZa” as username “ShiZZa PrG”. I later moved to efnet and hung out in the channel #dwk.

People I am looking for (please add a comment on this page):

244, 5150, amber, archalien, aryl, bbb, bee, blitz, bought, chillz, conan, d7, dev, dozr, faceless, fonz, fooshiznix, forrest, foxx, gochita, howie, ink, lakers, layla, logg, menace, michelle, mocha, muncher, napalm, nigz, omm, oo7, orc, pewp, pilot, remus, rvx, sam, shaman, sherm, shiver, sine, smunky, skan, slink, sub, supachink, t0ad, tasha, tones, traced, viper aka viperoni, wruth, x-tommy, xeno

Missing ProGGies

  1. Guide Punt by Stoney – A program I made, I’d really like to find this. I believe it was guide.exe.
  2. Magenta by ReDxKinG – Recently an old version was found, however we are still looking for the latest version.
    Version 2.0 –
  3. Reset 1.0 by skribe (TOSers/termer/account reseter)
  4. 1-888’d by skribe (TOSers/termer/account reseter)
  5. Add a comment of any other missing programs and I will add it here.

16 comments on “Community

  1. Joe Leader says:

    I’m thinking that the ShiZZa Room Generator is missing from the proggies. I believe there were two versions. I remember mine stopped working and led me to an empty room one day but digging around found me an updated version that took me to a full warez room. Thanks for doing this BTW, LOVE the podcast.

    1. I appreciate it! Do you have a copy of the room generator?

      1. warped says:

        I remember you stoney, and every name on the list from #DwK. My name was warped, I was in ShiZZa for a while, mostly as a uploader and mass mailer, and I had a botnet that held both channels for a long time. Brings back a lot of memories. No idea how to get in contact with any of the people on your list anymore unfortunately.

        1. Great to hear from you Warped! I remember you too! If you feel like chatting you can see how to contact me in the show notes for a recent AOL Underground episode!

    2. Single says:

      Feels good to hear cam0s voice again. Fellow nv2 alumni. I miss you all.

  2. keith aka SiNn says:

    holy shit I forgot about menace!!! I’d love to hear from that kid too!! and Myke and Seek. I kept up with them for awhile. Dude I can’t even believe that prog list jesus christ that takes me WAY BACK. I don’t think I’ve smiled this big since back then honestly. I saw two of mine on there… I know there’s more but I straight up can’t remember the names. I made megatron c comz and gundam password cracker. – keith aka sinn

  3. fizdog says:

    hope everything is ok with ya. last i remember in the reaol(now P3OL) discord you said you werent gonna do this for awhile. so just checking in..

    1. Thanks for checking in, I actually am going to be recording another episode hopefully next week!

  4. Spin says:

    Just found this podcast and site, loving it! I sometimes think about all of the hours and hours I spent in the AOL scene in the late 90s. My handle was Spin and I did graphic art, wrote articles, and defaced keywords

  5. VBMATRiX says:

    Is there an AOL Underground Discord? The link above for a discord seems broken.

    1. I fixed the discord link. The hyperlink description was correct, but the underlying hyperlink was incorrect. There is it a re-aol discord, there is the “re-aol” discord, which has been renamed P3OL.

      Here is the link:

    2. Fooshiznix says:

      Wow, seeing this and all the names brings back memories from a long time ago. Fooshiznix here.

  6. Benoit (Lithium Node) says:

    This is “Benoit” of Lithium Node. We were active in the AOL scene from roughly 1996 to 1999.

    I wish I could remember everyone in the group. There was Bmbr, Mute, Robo, sklpz, BaK, Lance, sfondo, Thrash, Uaert. A few more whose names I’ve forgotten though the passage of decades though. Lithium Node had our silly little rivalries too, the names “Glaze” and “HeX” come to mind.

    Does anyone remember us? Much like everyone else from that era, I’m now approaching my mid-40s. I might be one of the few who didn’t take up IT or computer science as a profession, though I did go into an engineering field. Somewhere in my e-archives, I still have various AOL screenshots and at least one ‘in-house’ program we used for password cracking on AOL 2.5 … I also have a handwritten document of a brute-force scan of message board tokens (“bE” tokens, I think) which showed potential abandoned message boards our group could set up communications after our existing board(s) was found by AOL staff.

    I have nothing but fond memories about this time. OH accounts, “internals”, the Atomic Debugger, ARC, Rain Man, “Master.AOL” … But even after 25+ years, I’m still vaguely paranoid enough about this stuff to be posting here through TOR. 🙂 Great work on this podcast!

    1. I appreciate your post. I have definitely heard of Lithium Node. From what I heard you guy were the real elite’s in the scene! I’d love to post the screenshots you have if you are willing to share them. If you are interested in coming on the podcast please email podcast[at][domain name of this website].

  7. Benoit (Lithium Node) says:

    Thanks for the reply. I’ve listened to a bunch of the podcasts, I’ve been amazed that many of these guys seemingly have almost encyclopedic knowledge or photographic memory of things they did over 25 years ago. With rare exceptions, I do not… I’d have to go through some deep archives to jog my memory and make a compelling podcast. What I do remember offhand is pretty obscure ‘inside baseball’ stuff like “4019-1” and “Anthony 1” which is probably meaningless to everyone except a few dozen people from back then.

    It might be interesting if one of the other Lithium Node guys found this page, to do a podcast with more than one of us simultaneously. I haven’t talked with anyone in the early AOL scene in over 20 years. At least some of the Node guys must be still out there, because the website ‘’ is active and the domain only expires in 2025, and it’s not owned by me. I will throw out there that I’ve owned the email address lithiumnode@[1990s search engine founded by Jerry Yang].com for at least 25 years, if any of them somehow see this. I’ve let it lapse periodically due to inactivity, which caused all emails to be deleted permanently, but it’s active right now. I don’t monitor it every day, or even every week, but it’s there.

    I’ll look into the screenshots and whatnot soon enough.

  8. J says:

    I’d like to know what happened to crZy who coded g3 Underground aka Group 3 Underground cracker. Legendary at the time with a ton of methods combined into one. Think I’ve still got the files too. Matt Buchanan aka Toil still lurking around too from what I hear, but haven’t caught him in any of the boards to catch up. Wondering what he has gotten himself into life after AOL.

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